Zenvo Getting Ready To Launch Their New Hybrid Supercar By 2023

Five years after the TS1 / TSR, and three years after the hardcore TSR-S, Zenvo is reportedly ready to unveil their next supercar which will arrive before 2023 with a hybrid powertrain.

Zenvo Automotive from Denmark is a well-known supercar maker amongst automotive enthusiasts despite the fact that it has produced only a handful of models since it was founded in 2004.

Alberto Solera, product director at Zenvo, told Autocar that the team is “working intensively” on the new model. It will be based on the TSR-S chassis and feature a hybrid powertrain with an all-wheel-drive system. Solera also revealed that Zenvo is not interested in an all-electric powertrain, sticking with the good-old recipe and the drama associated with an internal combustion engine.

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Responsible for the design of the new model will be Christian Brandt, design director of Zenvo who also created all of the company’s previous supercars after working for Alfa Romeo and Kleemann. The new Zenvo is expected to utilize 3D printing technology with extensive use of carbon fiber on both the body and aero components in order to keep the weight as low as possible.

Speaking of aero, the signature “centripetal” rear wing of the Zenvo TSR-S might make a comeback in the next supercar, although some reviewers were a bit skeptical of the striking wing’s real-life benefits.

Angela Hartman, Zenvo CEO, said that their priority is to increase sales through a global program while remaining “low-volume”. Another goal is to further expand its presence in computer games which was one of the main reasons young people are familiar with the Zenvo name in the first place.

Zenvo, which built a total of 15 examples of the ST1 between 2009 and 2016, and currently builds 5 units per year, is planning on significantly growing its production output. The company currently employs 30 people, including 5 working in the in-house carbon fiber department.

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The majority of Zenvo’s sales are currently in the UK and Europe, but an expansion to the US and the Middle East could mean more customers for the Danish supercar maker, bringing it closer to Koenigsegg and Pagani territory. The TSR-S is now homologated for the US market with Hartman aiming at selling 10-15 cars per year to US customers for a total annual production of 30 cars. Last but not least, Zenvo is interested in forming partnerships with other manufacturers that would be interested in using Zenvo-developed components in their own vehicles.

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